Camera Grip for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus


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  • The best iPhone camera-grip ever built! unleash the power of your iPhone's Camera for much better pictures, time after time!
  • The rotating zoom ring does away with the need to touch the screen to pinch-and-zoom, and makes it easy for the user to zoom in and out with just One hand.
  • The shutter button offers a half press mode to lock focus and exposure for easy tracking of a moving object or to create a desired composition as well as full-press for immediate shutter release
  • Control light like never before! the exposure compensation wheel, lets the user quickly and easily control brightness level even before shooting.
  • Easily connect any tripod, for sharper than ever images.
Convenient installation 
Reasonable structural design,so that the installation of the product is very convenient.
Auto focus
Half press the shutter AF design, no longer empty coke ,to take picture Master.
Professional APP
We have developed a special APP to match the product, so that you become a professional shooting people.
Glove operation
Large key structure design with reasonable key strength feedback, winter gloves, so you can easily operate.
Delayed shooting 
Delay shooting function of the placement, regardless of whether people take pictures or shoot, are a good feature placement.
Standard Cold Shoe interface
Standard cold shoe interface, paired with a single flash, allows you to shoot more professionally.
Single hand operation
Ergonomic design, can be a single hand operation, the liberation of your hands.
Standard 1/4 screw
The standard 1/4 screw hole is equipped with a common tripod in the market for professional shooting.
Safety hand rope 
Safety hand rope, outdoor leisure sports or single hand control, to give your product more protection.

Software Features

Setting Menu Function 

1.The resolution, which is automatically based on the highest resolution of the machine to return to different levels;

2. Set the shooting video frame rate, which can be set as : 24,25,30,60;

3.Set the direction of the hand wheel to adapt to personal habits;

4.Set the coding quality, choose a different coding quality according to the demand and machine capacity;

5.Set anti-shake function(require machine support);

6.Set flash lamp, which can be set as be automatic, forced to be opened and closed;

7.Set the shooting delay time of each shooting interval: 2s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s;

8.Set the language: Chinese, English;

9.Set the battery type: the device is used with AAA batteries, if ordinary alkaline batteries are used, please choose 1.5V, if rechargeable AAA batteries, please choose 1.2V;

10.Set the focus range, the default is the full range of focus;

 11.Set the zoom range, the default is 0-10, which is 10 times of digital zoom

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